About Us

At NITEVIBE we believe that enjoying a city's Nightlife to the fullest is the key to unlocking its culture and making memories that last a lifetime. We're here to help you make those memories, by providing you with Information on the best Events or Parties in the city’s Top Clubs & Lounges. You can even Socialize or Connect your Vibe with someone using the app in real time!

Our motto “LIVE IT TONIGHT” summarizes our Vision of providing the Best Nightlife Experience to everyone in the country.


How We Work


The Best Events & Parties in the
Top Clubs & Lounges in your city



With Interesting new people going out
in your city Tonight


With someone by connecting
in real time


Business Features

   Brand Building

By Providing our features for your business, we help you to get a competitive edge. We provide your business with quality & honest feedback from your guests, which will help you in serving them with better services.

   Targeted marketing

Our app offers special features and interaction with customers to help businesses reach out to their desired audience on the basis of their interests, tastes and psychographics (self-image).

   Customer Profiling

We help your business pinpoint esteemed and frequent customers and reward them with special services. This will, in turn, build trust and loyalty towards your business and increase your base of regular customers

   Event Hosting

Nitevibe hosts themed events or parties which are guaranteed to be amongst the best events in the city.

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